Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Diamonds Hypothesis

Earlier in my life I formulated a theory to deal with a specific conundrum. I still believe it holds, so with a few edits, here it goes.

The Problem
As a Christian, there is a tension between the idea of an all-powerful, all-knowing God, and the fact that there is unspeakable evil in this world.

If God is so good and powerful, why does He let this happen?  Why wasn't Stalin drowned as a child?

The most satisfactory answer to this for me is Free Will.

The Free Will Idea
God did not want to create robots that would automatically "love" him.  In this line of thinking, this kind of "love" is no different than programming your computer to pop a message saying "I love you!" every few minutes - would you feel loved?  Or just annoyed after a while? A very short while.

True love cannot exist without Free Will, and Free Will cannot exist without all possible options. If God had created a perfect, blemish-free, problem-free world for us, how would this be different than the above programmed computer?

So the reason Stalin was not drowned as a child is that Stalin was a being who of his own Free Will chose to commit unspeakable evil, and God will not interfere with any being's exercise of Free Will. Note, will not, not cannot.

Problems with the Free Will idea
There are a few problems with this idea:

  • We were created in God's image, yet as soon as we (in the form of Adam and Eve) had the chance, we committed evil.  So, God = Us = Evil?
  • An expansion of the above idea, the Angels also had Free Will, yet as soon as they had the chance, God's own chosen right-hand man betrayed him and took 1/3 of the host with him.  Again, God = Angels = Evil?
  • And my biggest problem with the Free Will idea; if Heaven is a place with no fear and no evil, is it also a place without Free Will?

I believe the Free Will idea is partially correct, but because of the problems with it, I felt the need to expand it. Hence:

The Diamonds Hypothesis
Diamonds are created from that most humble and common of materials, carbon.

Carbon that is subjected to tremendous pressures over very long spans of time.

And that provides an answer to this conundrum.  We live in a diamond mine. We are the carbon.  And every now and then, a Diamond emerges from all the pressures and mayhem and heat: A Leonardo DaVinci, a Valentino Rossi, a Maya Angelou.

A being that is able to express beauty in a way that pleases God.  And to Him, it's all worth it.

How do I know?  We were created in his image. And we'll go to great lengths for Diamonds...


  1. Tanya Lynn Lewis I won't doubt his beliefs he seemed to put a lot of thought and work into his blog. I however, agree to disagree with him I believe in God and his goodness. Yes there is evil in the world sin=evil. But why would anyone look forward to heaven if heaven was actually on earth. Sin on this earth is a test men who chose not to believe and live doing worldy things cause sin. We as Christians have sins to tempt us but a God that if we put our trust and faith in will lead us away from because we are children in his eyes just as our children look to us for guidance and just as we scold our kids for wrongful acts as a Christian God scolds and leads us. He has good points he does but being a God fearing woman and believing in him I will keep my own upbringing from the King James Version Bible and follow those beliefs.

  2. From Tanya - I wish I had half of his intelligence if he would like to work his brain I have school work he could do for me when he's bored........LOL

  3. From a few others -- Kathy Cox Dain He makes a lot of valid points, but we can still have love for God in our hearts.
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    Becky Taylor I have my own theory as well. Most important part is not to judge someone on what and why they do or don't believe in anything.
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    Kim Wise Beautiful ... Completely agree, as a God fearing woman. He gave us the gift to freely choose to love him. Every once in awhile, we sparkle like diamonds. Nice diamond Jon Guzmán.
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  4. More......
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    Miranda Guzman What a beautiful interpretation Kim Wise -- he has more on his blog -- he is quite intelligent, I think he should write more and publish then perhaps he could spend more time with the boys and I!
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    Miranda Guzman I do believe that God loves and *knows* each one of us or each diamond individually, not just as lumps of coals together...
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    Sara D Lanza Guzman I love what my cousing wrote, however I just recently found out that we have all been born as sinners and it is up to us to accept the gift of salvation by accepting him in our lives. I love the part about how every now and then a diamond emerges form all the pressures and mayhem. I've had so much pressure and mayhem in the last years and a half that I sure hope a diamond turns up at the end of the rainbow with my life.
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